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今天我们来读一本Level 15的绘本<Boring Old Bed>。

This is the front cover, the title is "Boring Old Bed".

Story by Joy Cowley

Illustrations by Terry Burton

The title is "Boring Old Bed".

Joy Cowley wrote the story, he is the author.

Terry Burton drew the pictures, he is the illustrator.

"I'm sick of my boring old bed," said Jim.

"I want a new place to sleep."

"You can sleep anywhere," said Dad.

"Anywhere?" said Jim.

"Anywhere you like," said Dad.

Jim thought it would be fun to sleep in a drawer.

He put in his pillow and blanket.

The only problem was, the drawer was too small.

Next he tried sleeping in an armchair.

That was too short.

He made a bed on the table but that was too high.

"I can sleep in the bath," said Jim.

"It's not too small or too short or too high."

So Jim tried to sleep in the bath.

The only problem was the tap dripped on his foot.

Jim looked at the dog basket.

It wasn't too small or too short or too high, and it didn't have a tap.

But it did have a dog.

"The fireplace is no good," he said.

"It's got soot."

"The pantry's no good. It's got mice."

Jim was sleepy.

"I want somewhere to sleep," he said.

"I want a place that's not too small, and not too short and not too high.

I don't want a tap or a dog or soot or mice.

Where can I go? I know!"

"In my lovely, boring old bed."

Running Words:214 全篇共214个单词

High Frequency Words:anywhere,good,I'm,new,next,only,place,thought,want,would